Advanced Fine Art Digital Printing (Section I) - Fall 2020

Advanced Fine Art Digital Printing (Section I) - Fall 2020

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Daniel Gregory
DAY / TIME Tuesday 1-4pm | September 29 - December 1, 2020
TUITION $825 + $45 Materials Fee | Payment & Refund Policy
FORMAT In-person, enrollment is limited to 4 students; review our COVID-19 Safety Protocols PDF for information about requirements for students, faculty, and staff who will be onsite at PCNW.
LEVEL Advanced
PREREQS Fine Art Digital Printing
CREDITS 3 – Fulfills Elective requirement for Certificate Program

Advanced Fine Art Digital Printing builds on the foundations established in Fine Art Digital Printing. The course begins with a quick review of some of the Fine Art Digital Printing course's key concepts and then moves into more advanced topics. Unlike the prerequisite class, where individual images were printed, this course focuses more on developing a cohesive printed body of work and multiple presentation formats (gallery show and book, for example).

In addition to a more in-depth critique of work and the printed project, Advanced Fine Art Digital printing will dig deeper into the skills and techniques to refine the print.

The benefits of this course include mastering color management and output for print, increased digital editing skills, and producing a printed body of work with intention and cohesiveness.

Advanced Topics will include:

  • In-Depth Color Management and understanding color as a part of the digital capture and print
  • Maximizing Resolution and Resampling options
  • Efficient Proofing Practices for color space and mode conversations (RGB, CMYK and Duotone s)
  • High powered Noise Reduction techniques
  • Detailed Sharpening Workflow Input, Creative, Output Fine Art Workflow considerations
  • Advanced Color Adjustment
  • Advanced Selection and Masking
  • Professional Print Finishing, Handling and Storage Exhibition Practices
  • Methods and concepts for critical review of the print and analysis of the work


  • Students should expect to spend several hours per week on assignments for this course, which may require use of PCNW facilities; view our Rental Rates for details about additional fees.
  • The Materials Fee for the course includes a digital print allotment for in-class and outside of class printing, the details of which will be shared on the first day. Hourly rental and other supplies are the responsibility of the student.
  • Additional information about course expectations and required materials will be provided by the instructor at the start of the quarter.


Image © Aaron Wheetman, PCNW Thesis Graduate 2020

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