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    Experiments in Digital Expression - Spring 2023

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    Melinda Hurst Frye
    DAY / TIME Wednesday 6-9pm | March 29 - May 31, 2023
    TUITION $825
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    FORMAT In-person, enrollment is limited to 12 students; review our COVID-19 Safety Protocols for information about requirements for students, faculty, and staff who will be onsite at PCNW
    LEVEL Intermediate
    PREREQS Photography I: Digital; Basic computer skills required
    CREDITS 3 – Fulfills Elective requirement for Certificate Program

    Learn how to expand and experiment outside of the straight digital capture. From collaging multiple exposures and manipulated panoramas to turning a digital camera into a pinhole or using a scanner as a camera, students will be encouraged to build on their knowledge of digital photography while exploring new techniques.

    This course will examine historical and contemporary experimental photography, through viewing and demonstrating nontraditional approaches, innovations, and concepts. In this class, students will be encouraged to explore their own techniques as they are introduced to various artists and methods of experimentation using the pixel as the focal point. Through faculty-led demonstrations, hands-on presentations and discussions regarding experimental digital expression, students will have the opportunity to expand on how they generate and think about digitally based work.


    Image © Melinda Hurst Frye