Erin Shafkind - Collect

Erin Shafkind - Collect

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Artist: Erin Shafkind (Seattle, WA)
King Kong Fancy Pants, 2008
8 x 10" (paper)
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"In my series, The Mask Means I Love You, I worked with a performance troop called Implied Violence and directed them on three different occasions between 2007-08.

Growing up in Los Angeles with a single mom, McDonald’s every Tuesday, and lots of television, I have been greatly influenced by popular imagery and modern mythology. I always felt that there was something else, something intangible that I needed, but more and more I wonder if this is a product of growing up in American Corporate culture that strived to create illusion so we would consume. Do I know what I want? What makes me happy?

Participation and community play a large role in my art making process and I work in a variety of mediums to express my ideas. Collaboration is becoming more vital as I continue to examine my place from the microcosmic to macrocosmic.

I am also curious about the anti-aesthetic image, and what might look ‘off’ or awkward. What is fragmentation? What does it mean to feel connected? Much of my work tries to examine flatness and dimension, reality and illusion while still trying to find my place within my surroundings."

Shafkind received her MFA in Visual Art from Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University – Boston, MA in 2010 as well as a Teaching certificate in Art, from California State University – Arcata, CA in 1997. Selected Solo Shows and Curation include: “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” – The Firm, Seattle, WA, 2012, “Will You Play with Me? Community, Connections and Belonging at the Sears Portrait Studio” – South Seattle Community College, Seattle, WA, 2011, Xanadu: A Stately Pleasure Dome – Curated by Erin Shafkind for SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA, 2010 and Gallery 40 – Curated by Todd Jannausch, Seattle, WA, 2010.

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