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    Studio Lighting Basics - Winter 2024

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    Kate Hailey
    DAY / TIME Thursday 6-9pm | January 11 - March 14, 2024
    TUITION $825 + $35 Materials Fee
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    FORMAT In-person, enrollment is limited to 12 students.
    LEVEL Intermediate
    PREREQS Photography I (B&W or Digital); knowledge of basic digital editing helpful
    CREDITS 3 – Fulfills Studio Lighting Basics (formerly Light Control) requirement for Certificate Program

    This course will introduce students to the core concepts of lighting, beginning with an exploration of continuous light (window light, hot lights and daylight-balanced sources). The class will then learn about the art of using fill cards, color temperature, catch lights, and light patterns for portraits (such as Rembrandt light). Finally, take this knowledge and transition to the studio to study the use of strobes, modifiers, the flash meter, colored gels, backdrops and good studio practices. Learn how to apply these techniques to light still life, portraits, and other subjects.


    • Students must provide their own camera.
    • Students should expect to spend several hours per week on assignments for this course, which will require use of PCNW facilities; view our Rental Rates for details about additional fees.
    • The Materials Fee for the course includes costs associated with in-class demonstrations and use of studio equipment and materials such as backdrops, gels and other modifiers.
    • Students may need to rent or purchase additional equipment based on personal preference and projects, but primary lighting equipment and accessories are included with studio rental at PCNW.
    • Additional information about course expectations and required materials will be provided by the instructor at the start of the quarter.


    Image © Lilly Everett, PCNW Staff