Crash Course in Adobe Photoshop

Crash Course in Adobe Photoshop

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PCNW Instructor
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February 3, 2019 | Sun 12:30-5:30pm
TUITION $135 | Payment & Refund Policy
LEVEL Foundation
PREREQS None; basic computer skills required

If you’re looking for a hands-on, basic introduction to Adobe Photoshop, look no further. This workshop is an instructor-led learning experience on the core concepts that differentiate Photoshop from other photo-editing software (i.e., Layers, Masks, and Printing Color Management).

This workshop is perfect for those who:

  • Are new to Photoshop and wanting to get started
  • Want to increase their level of comfort and familiarity with Photoshop
  • Want an introduction on editing concepts and printing in the PCNW Digital Lab
  • Are interested in taking their education to the next level, but unsure if a 10-week course is right for them
  • Want to compare Photoshop to their home photo-editing software (i.e., Photoshop Elements, Adobe Lightroom)



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