Introduction to PYRO Development - Winter 2020

Introduction to PYRO Development - Winter 2020

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Daniel Gregory
DATE / TIME February 29 - March 1, 2020 | Saturday - Sunday 12:30-5:30pm
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LEVEL Intermediate
PREREQS Photography I: B&W or equivalent experience

At one time, PYRO was one of the primary types of film development. Its unique characteristics are unmatched in other development methods. With PYRO development, you can work with higher ASAs while maintaining full shadow and highlight details, print large even with smaller format negatives, enhance the tonality and traditions in your negatives and discover the magic glow of a print from a pyro based negative.

This workshop is a basic introduced to the PMK PYRO development process. Over the two days, we will discuss PYRO development options, safety, bleaching and redeveloping older negatives into PYRO, shooting for PYRO development, and printing PYRO negatives. At the completion of the workshops, you will have the necessary information and skills to work in PYRO on your own. For students who normally work in larger formats, we will discuss how to successfully develop in PYRO for sheet film, although that will not be an option during the workshop.

Students will need access to 35mm or medium format film camera. Students will also need 2 rolls of either HP5 or Tri-X that will be shot prior to the workshop and photo paper for printing. Students will also need to bring in previous negatives for working with the bleach and redevelopment process.


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