The Photographer's Legal Tool Belt - Spring 2023

The Photographer's Legal Tool Belt - Spring 2023

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Nathan Hoerschelmann and Gabe Dietz
DATE / TIME May 9 & 16, 2023 | Tuesday 6-8:30pm
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FORMAT In-person, enrollment is limited to 15 students. Please review our COVID-19 Safety Protocols for complete information about requirements for students, faculty, and staff.
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If you are a professional photographer - whether experienced and wanting to tighten up your game or new to the industry - and you care about your brand and your work then this workshop is for you.

Nathan Hoerschelmann and Gabe Dietz of Hoerschelmann Dietz PLLC are attorneys that work with and for business owners, particularly creatives and photographers, to help protect their work.

This two session workshop will walk you through real practical information and steps to properly form your business, create and use an operating agreement, provide you with actual service agreement, model and property release templates, prevent and mitigate non-paying clients, negotiate terms, including licensing issues. And we will, seriously, have a lot of fun doing it.

Nathan and Gabe pride themselves on being real people that are relatable, interesting and also happen to understand business and the law.

So again, whether you are a professional looking to freshen up your understanding of the legal and business side of the camera, want to augment your legal tool belt or are wanting help setting your new business up correctly from the start, this is the opportunity for you


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