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    Managing Your Online Portfolio - Fall 2023

    Another Individual

    Daniel Gregory
    DATE / TIME October 26, 2023 | Thursday 6-8pm (Pacific Time)
    FORMAT Online; this will be hosted as a live, interactive online session via Zoom (will not be recorded)
    LEVEL Introductory


    Many photographers and visual artists focus on using social media to share their work in favor of an online portfolio. Sure, social media is a powerful tool for sharing your work, but it is only one part of an online presence.

    A digital portfolio is also essential for showcasing your work and projects. The importance of an online portfolio lies in its ability to communicate a photographer's unique vision, skills, and experiences to a broader audience without the impacts of social media distractions, ads and competing content. Your online portfolio is a chance to show your work to a more captive audience and allow them to interact with your work in a more complete and comprehensive manner, no matter if you are project, topic, or theme focused.

    This session will discuss the importance of having, creating and maintaining an online portfolio. We will discuss how to approach selecting the best images to showcase, optimizing the images for viewing, and creating a compelling user experience for viewers.

    We will also look at some options for creating and hosting your portfolios, such as Adobe Portfolio, Wix, and Squarespace. In the past, it could be a challenge to have and maintain an online portfolio, but there are now many options to make this process as simple and easy as possible.

    If you want to revise, update or create your online portfolio or aren't sure how to get started, please join us for our session on working with and using digital portfolios to showcase your work.


    This professional development workshop is being hosted in partnership with Glazer's Camera and is free to participants. You must register and tune in live to participate; this session will not be recorded. Details for accessing the live, online session will be provided to registered participants in the week prior to the workshop.


    Image Credit: Screenshot of instructor Daniel Gregory's website/online portfolio, https://www.danieljgregory.com/