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    The Elements of Artists' Books - Winter 2024

    Another Individual

    FACULTY Sarah Mottaghinejad from Editions Studio
    DATE / TIME January 25, 2024 | Thursday 6-9pm
    TUITION $95
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    FORMAT In-person at Editions Studio, enrollment is limited to 12 students.
    LEVEL Foundation
    PREREQS None

    Book Arts is a boundless medium that continues to see growth and development across the art world. Artist books can follow a formal structure or take a more sculptural unorthodox approach in which the book’s physical form follows its content. In this workshop, participants will learn what it means to call something an “artist book” and will look at and discuss novel book structures before sketching out their own one-of-a-kind model. Participants should come with an idea(s) for a book concept you would like to explore as well as a sketchbook/notebook.

    Looking for an in-depth exploration of how to create artist/photo books? Sign-up for the Three (3) Artist/Photo Book Workshop Series (select from drop down menu above) to receive 10% off tuition! Series Workshops: The Elements of Artists' Books (Jan 25), Intro to InDesign for Photobooks (Jan 27), and Artist Bookbinding: The Flatback Binding (Feb 24).


    Image courtesy Editions Studio