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The Narrative in Photography

The Narrative in Photography
Jenny Riffle
Tuesday 6-9pm | March 28 - May 30, 2017
$700 (Members Receive 10% Discount with Code)

Level: Intermediate
Credits: 3 - fulfills Elective requirement for Certificate Program
Prerequisites: Any Photography I class

Discover how images tell a story of their own and venture out to capture a story with a visual message at its core. Photography has always wrestled with the idea of truth; explore the limits of fiction and reality as you work on weekly assignments. This class will focus on the power of storytelling in photography throughout its history with lectures about the work of Lewis Carroll and Julia Margaret Cameron to Gregory Crewdson and Alec Soth. You will be creating your own photo stories; doing research on a chosen topic and organizing your creative process to present a final project.

A good story is based on a strong idea and can be developed in many different ways, it does not have to be linear with a beginning, middle and end but it should have a strong central idea. In this class we will be exploring different forms of narrative in photography, some will be carried out in a series or photo essay and other narratives will be contained in one single image.

Rental fees (not included in tuition) are charged for use of the Photo Center facilities - darkroom, digital lab, etc - to complete assignments outside of class; a list of rental rates for students is available on the Hours/Rates page.

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