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    Creating Portraits On-Location - Summer 2024

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    Kate Hailey
    DATE / TIME July 10 & 13, 2024 | Wednesday, Online 6:30-8pm (Pacific Time) & Saturday, On-Location 12:30-4pm
    TUITION $175
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    FORMAT In-person, enrollment is limited to 12 students.
    LEVEL Introductory/Intermediate
    PREREQS Proficient working knowledge of camera operations and photographic processes


    Join Kate Hailey for this two-part workshop which blends both online presentation and hands-on location shoot, with a goal to provide a well-rounded experience and leave attendees feeling more confident in finding and shaping light, posing a subject and more. Attendees will learn to embrace and utilize available light, seeking out the best light for the person they are photographing. This could be bright sun, finding shade, or creating shade. As well as add a small, portable flash to add light when you want more.

    Through use of light we can create a mood, tell a story or highlight a face or form. Using available light can bring us lots of options, but also has limitations. What if you want diffused light on a cloudless day? What if you want bright light on a cloudy day? This is where learning to add light comes into play. We can create mood, tell a story and simply get more creative when we have more tools available to us!

    During the online evening presentation, we will cover:

    • Concepts of working in available light
    • Composition and posing
    • An introduction to small, off-camera lighting and modifiers, that are great to use on location
    • Show the essential lighting options (Rembrandt, etc.)

    During the weekend on location photo session, we will cover:

    • Working with a model
    • Posing and Composition
    • How to find interesting and varied backgrounds in one location
    • How to find the best available light
    • How to add light when you want or need it

    Attendees should have basic knowledge of photographic principals including ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, White Balance, and how to change them on their cameras. This is open to digital and film photographers!

    Recommended Gear for Location Session:
    Camera with a hot shoe and a portrait lens, suggested focal length between 50mm - 85mm.


    Images © Kate Hailey