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    ABCs of Beautiful Light, Rosanne Olson

    TITLE ABCs of Beautiful Light: A Complete Course in Lighting for Photographers
    Rosanne Olson
    PRODUCT DETAILS Paperback: 128 pages
    Language: English
    PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 8 x 11 inches
    PRICE $27.95 + tax and shipping
    PUBLISHER Amherst Media
    ISBN 9781608957170

    Everything we see is lit by one source or another. The questions are: what and how? That is what this book is designed to teach you. Through Rosanne Olson’s tried-and-true course on lighting principles for photography, video, and art in general, you will discover how the angles and heights of your light sources affect your pictures. You will learn how to work with light modifiers to change the quality of your light, and how to control light to create a feeling of depth and dimension—whether you’re shooting with natural light, continuous artificial light, studio strobes, dedicated flash, or a combination of sources. Assignments are included to help you put each concept into practice as you perfect your skills and train your eyes to see the subtleties of light. You will never look at a photograph or painting in the same way after you read this book!