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    Color Printing Poster by the Push/Pull Collective

    Push/Pull Collective
    TITLE Color Printing Poster
    SIZE 18 x 24 inches, double-sided
    PRICE $15
    IMAGE OPTIONS: OPTION 1: Tara Champion (Drying Rack, 2016)
    OPTION 2: Andrej Gregov (Dismantled Nuclear Reactor, 2019)
    OPTION 3: Chirs Letcher (In the Red Zone, 2013)
    OPTION 4: Helen Miller (Casino, 2017)
    OPTION 5: Jenny Riffle (These Arms Reaching, 2016)

    Learn all about the ins and outs of color photography and printing with this stunning visual guide produced by Seattle's own Push/Pull Artist Collective. Featuring information about both analog and digital photography/printing, each poster measures 18x24" and is double sided. Five different versions of the poster are available - the reverse side of each poster features the work of five artists from the Push/Pull Collective: Tara Champion (Drying Rack, 2016), Andrej Gregov (Dismantled Nuclear Reactor, 2019), Chris Letcher (In the Red Zone, 2013), Helen Miller (Casino, 2017), Jenny Riffle (These Arms Reaching, 2018). Please choose your preferred option from the drop down menu above.

    Concept and Design by Helen Miller; Graphic Design & Layout by Michael Croteau

    Formed in 2016, Push/Pull is a collective of Seattle artists working with the formal process of creating photographs. The name refers to traditional film development techniques and to the discourse and exchange of ideas between group members that is the group’s purpose. Activities include monthly meetings to engage in critical dialogue about works-in-progress and planning and realizing ensemble projects and exhibitions. A primary concern is the challenge of producing meaningful photographic artworks as the medium undergoes a radical shift from material to digital production—where the production and distribution of imagery occurs almost simultaneously, and the proliferation of digital image-making risks overwhelming the salience of photographic imagery broadly. Formal questions inherent to artistic production and questions about the ways that printed photographs continue to engage viewers inform the development of individual and group work. Although the artists in push/pull work in a wide variety of methods and subject matter, the collective work tends toward the exploration of landscapes and place, where perceived absence and stillness are charged with a presence that invites lingering.

    ARTISTS: Tara Champion, Michael Clements, Andrej Gregov, Elisa Huerta-Enochian, Chris Letcher, Jon MacLaren, Susan MacLaren, Helen Miller, Anna Ream, Jenny Riffle, and Seth Thompson.


    Images © Push/Pull Collective; Tara Champion; Andrej Gregov; Chris Letcher; Helen Miller; Jenny Riffle.