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    Developing Visual Empathy

    Another Individual

    FACULTY DeVaughn Jones
    DATE / TIME May 20 & June 3, 2023 | Saturday 1-3pm
    FORMAT In-person session (required), followed by Online session to share work; enrollment is limited to 15 students. Please review our COVID-19 Safety Protocols for complete information about requirements for students, faculty, and staff.
    LEVEL Foundation
    PREREQS None

    Some people use cameras to capture ideas within images and create potential change by sharing their photographs with an audience. This workshop explores the intersection of creating and sharing to harness the power of change.

    May 20, 2023 | Saturday 1-3pm (In-person)
    During our first session, participants will meet in person to learn to identify which visual elements in a photograph have potential to convey an idea, and then, through an in-studio photographic exercise, learn how they can employ visual empathy to become intentional photographic changemakers. Participants will then have a couple weeks to photograph on their own employing the ideas we've explored before reconvening online.

    June 3, 2023 | Saturday 1-3pm (Pacific Time, Online)
    The second meeting will be an opportunity to come together again for an online session to share and review participant's work, culminating in a selection of images to be showcased in an online gallery presentation.


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