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    Film Scanning Basics - Fall 2024

    Another Individual

    Twyla Sampaco
    DATE / TIME October 19, 2024 | Saturday 12:30-5:30pm
    TUITION $145
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    FORMAT In-person, enrollment is limited to 8 students
    LEVEL Foundation
    PREREQS Basic computer skills


    Got a stack of negatives around that you want to be able to edit and print? Have you opened the scanning software and felt like it sort of looks like an alien language? In this introduction to scanning workshop you will get the chance to learn all about the basics of scanning film. The workshop will focus on scanning workflow techniques using the industry-standard VueScan software and Negative Lab Pro. We will cover film scanning using Epson flatbed scanners, Nikon LS 4000 scanners, camera-capture negative scanning and flatbed wet-mount scanning. Participants will learn how to build a foundational workflow for digitizing negatives for personal archive and print reproduction.

    This is an intro level course with no prerequisite. The workshop will use Mac OS interface for all programs. Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom is recommended.

    This workshop fulfills the scanning orientation requirement for DIY scanner use at PCNW. After taking this workshop, participants will be able to make reservations for DIY scanning in our labs.


    Image by PCNW Staff