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    History of Photography - Fall 2024

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    FACULTY Dr. Elizabeth Brown
    DAY / TIME Monday 6-9pm | September 30 - December 2, 2024
    TUITION $870
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    FORMAT In-person, enrollment is limited to 12 students.
    LEVEL Intermediate
    PREREQS Recommended Photography I
    CREDITS 3 – Fulfills History requirement for Certificate Program

    This seminar will focus on significant people, events, and subjects in the development of photography. Through class discussions and readings, we will analyze and compare the works of a variety of artists and practitioners, examine how historical events have impacted photographic practice, and explore the relationship between photography and the fine art world. Visits to important photographic collections in the Seattle area, as well as local galleries, will form a part of this class.


    • Survey the wide range of photographers, issues, and practices that have defined photography over the nearly two centuries of the medium's history
    • Critical analysis of images, discussion of readings, and exploration of the intricacies of the creative process

    Students will complete the course with:

    • Expanded understanding of diverse artists and works throughout history
    • Understanding of context for their approaches within art and cultural history
    • Connection of historical context and inspiration to personal creative photographic interests
    • Investigative tools for future exploration


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