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    Lab/Studio Fee (Seattle University Student)

    Photographic Center NW (PCNW) facilities are available for all Seattle University students completing assignments for coursework in photography. PCNW offers special student rates for facilities so that all students may have unlimited access to darkrooms, studios, digital labs, and all equipment normally available for student use. ALL SEATTLE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS ENROLLED IN ANY COURSE AT PCNW ARE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE A LAB/STUDIO FEE EACH QUARTER.

    Facilities covered by this Lab/Studio fee include:

    • Alternative process room
    • Black and white darkroom
    • Digital labs and scanners
    • Lighting studios
    • Grey card, copy stand, drymount press, matt cutters
    • Portable lighting and large format camera kits (for students enrolled in related courses)

    Students remain responsible for purchasing their own film, paper, specialized darkroom chemistry, and physical supplies related to coursework in photography. Students needing to use specific equipment should make reservations in advance, and all Seattle University students must check in and check out at the front desk. The Lab/Studio fee does NOT cover the price of digital printing, which is charged to all students at $.05/inch for use of personal paper or $.06/inch for use of PCNW supplied paper. For a full list of PCNW resources and hours, visit our Facilities Page.

    All facilities are open Mon-Thu & Sun (except holidays) during the academic quarter.

    Questions about the status of lab/studio fees should be directed to Jennifer Brendicke, Registrar: jbrendicke@pcnw.org Refunds for Lab/Studio fees will only be processed if a student has dropped a class within the quarterly add/drop period established by Seattle University. Students MUST provide written notification to Jennifer Brendicke for all refund requests within the add/drop period. Requests received after the add/drop period may not be processed.

    IMPORTANT: PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR SU STUDENT EMAIL IS USED WHEN CHECKING OUT ON THE FOLLOWING PAGE (this will ensure that parent/guardian purchases of student fees are linked to student accounts)