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    Latitude 47 - Issue 3

    Latitude 47
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    Latitude 47 is an annual publication produced by Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW) featuring artists in the region whose photographic work deserves visibility far and wide. Our third issue highlights the work of Northwest-based photographic artists featured in our Fall 2017 exhibition Notions of Home. The work of each of these practitioners explores the broad and varied contours of how we define home visually and conceptually.

    Featured Artists: Zack Bent, Erin Elyse Burns, Adrain Chesser, Annabel Clark, Joe Freeman Jr., Dan Hawkins, Cian Hayes, Natalie Krick, Harini Krishnamurthy, Charles Peterson, and Rafael Soldi.


    Product Images © Eirik Johnson | Artist photographs featured in product images credited to: Natalie Krick, Harini Krishnamurthy, and Zack Bent