Photography II: Black and White – Winter 2023

Photography II: Black and White – Winter 2023

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Gina White
DAY / TIME Thursday 6-9pm | January 12 - March 16, 2023
TUITION $825 + $35 Materials Fee | Payment & Refund Policy
FORMAT In-person, enrollment is limited to 12 students. Please review our COVID-19 Safety Protocols PDF for complete information about requirements for students, faculty, and staff.
LEVEL Intermediate
PREREQS Photography I: B&W
CREDITS 3 – Fulfills Photography II requirement for Certificate Program

The focus of Photography II: B&W is an expansion of the technical skills gained in Photography I: B&W and a deeper understanding of the aesthetic principles guiding personal work. Emphasis will be on applying sophisticated technical knowledge gained through materials tests to students' personal creative vision. Through exercises and assignments, students gain greater control over variable materials (fiber paper, developers, films) and creative development is encouraged through class critiques of personal projects. Editing for a series, presentation methods and options, as well as professional workflow, are also key components of this course.


  • Understanding the nature of film/developer combinations and their impact
  • Control and manipulation of film(s) for better overall exposure and development
  • Controlling images through the use of printing filtration and advanced printing concepts (pre-flashing, bleaching, split-filter printing)
  • Presentation options for images and bodies of work (matting, framing, portfolio review options)
  • Developing a cohesive body of work
  • Working with an artist statement for both personal project development and final presentation
  • Developing basic critique skills to describe your work and the work of others


  • Ability to articulate the aesthetic impact of film/developer/paper/matting choices on the development and presentation of images
  • Ability to perform basic film and paper tests to understand the various impacts to film speed, grain, and contrast
  • Introductory understanding of how the zone system can be applied to film development and printing
  • Necessary skills to be ready for film testing in the Introduction to Zone course
  • How to successfully create an archival fiber based print
  • How to create a complete body of work including a developed artist statement and archival black and white prints finished/mounted for final presentation


  • Students must have a film camera with full manual control, it can be 35mm, medium format, or larger.
  • Students should expect to spend several hours per week on assignments for this course, which will require use of PCNW facilities; view our Rental Rates for details about additional fees.
  • The Materials Fee for the course includes chemicals that will be used for testing and in-class demonstrations. Students will be required to purchase film, paper, and possibly chemicals for personal use / completion of assignments
  • Costs for individual materials and rental fees will vary depending on choice of materials and time spent in the darkroom; estimated $300-$400+.
  • Additional information about course expectations and required materials will be provided by the instructor at the start of the quarter.


Image © Ineke de Lange, PCNW Certificate Program Graduate


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