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    Photography I: Black and White (Monday Session) - Fall 2024

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    FACULTY Harini Krishnamurthy
    DAY / TIME Monday 6-9pm | September 30 - December 2, 2024
    TUITION $870 + $25 Materials Fee
    Payment & Refund Policy
    Scholarship Opportunities
    FORMAT In-person, enrollment is limited to 12 students.
    LEVEL Foundation
    PREREQS None; students must have a 35mm SLR Film Camera
    CREDITS 3 – Fulfills Photography I: Black & White requirement for Certificate Program


    Photography I: Black & White is an introduction to traditional analog darkroom processes and manual camera operation. Students gain a foundational understanding of black and white photography through exercises and assignments that emphasize fundamental camera and darkroom skills. The course introduces concepts of composition, emphasizes personal expression alongside technical development, and covers an introduction to history and philosophy of photography.

    This course is designed for those who have little or no previous experience in photography and there is no prerequisite. Hands on demonstrations address darkroom procedures, film exposure and development, and basic printing techniques. During class there are lectures, slide shows, and critiques/print evaluations, as well as group darkroom time with opportunity for students to print with the instructor's supervision. Critiques are an important aspect of photographic education and class critiques are intended to acquaint students with the language of photography and the basic critical skills for conceptualizing, creating, viewing and discussing photographic images. Each week students are expected to make new photographs, develop their own film, print photographs, and participate in critiques using the techniques discussed in class.


    • Learn to operate a traditional manual SLR camera (includes controlling aperture, shutter speed, ISO, manual focus, film loading)
    • Learn proper film exposure, development, and darkroom printing for analog black and white
    • Brief introduction to the history of photography and regular lectures with focus toward discussing core photographic tenets of composition, exposure, etc.
    • Explore photography as a creative tool, expressing personal ideas, emotions, and points of view while responding to assignments and a final self-directed project

    Students will complete the course with:

    • Foundation of technical knowledge to successfully capture, develop, and print analog black and white
    • Understanding of core tenets of photography including composition, framing, depth of field, exposure, contrast, leading lines, etc.
    • Experience participating in critique, exploring artistic vision, and realizing a personal project
    • Ability to apply technical skills and photographic knowledge/vocabulary to personal practice



    • Weekly attendance is vital to student success in PCNW courses. We require that students attend the first meeting in order to retain their spot in the class. A waiver may be granted if permission is given by, and subsequent arrangements made with, both the PCNW Registrar and Faculty. Please see our Education Policies for details about attendance policies and academic expectations.
    • PCNW adheres to a strict payment, cancellation and refund policy. Please review our Payment & Refund Policies prior to registration.
    • Students are required to provide their own 35mm SLR film camera (SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex). If you have questions about camera equipment or resources, contact us at pcnw@pcnw.org.
    • The Materials Fee for the course includes your first roll of film, a few sheets of paper for demonstrations in the darkroom, and other costs associated with in-class use of the darkroom. Students will be required to purchased additional film, paper, and other desired personal supplies to complete assignments for the course.
    • Additional materials and supplies, not covered by a materials fee for a course, are the responsibility of the student. Detailed information about course expectations, required texts and materials will be provided at the start of the quarter. The estimated cost of individual materials/supplies and rental fees required for completing assignments ranges from $300-$400.
    • Students should prepare to spend several hours per week completing assignments outside of class, which may require use of the PCNW facilities; view our Rental Rates for details about additional fees. Rental fees for use of PCNW Facilities are a separate cost from tuition.


    Image © Lilly Everett