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    Regeneration: Responding to the Cyclical and Altered Landscape - Summer 2024

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    FACULTY Melinda Hurst Frye
    DATE / TIME July 24, 27 & August 7, 2024 | Wednesdays 6-8pm & Saturday 9am-1pm
    TUITION $220
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    FORMAT In-person, enrollment is limited to 12 students.
    LEVEL Foundation
    PREREQS None

    In this workshop, participants will consider the natural cycles and/or human influence in the changing landscape. Prior to the first session, participants will receive a variety of ecological and conceptual readings about the landscape and examples of how some artists are working within those ideas. Using the readings and presented artists as a foundation for discussion, the first session will be an opportunity for sharing artistic intentions and informed dialogue. In the second session, participants will meet for a full day to craft work in the field while visiting multiple locations that demonstrate seasonal shifts or a modified landscape. The group will come together for a final session to share the work produced in response to the first two sessions.


    Images © Melinda Hurst Frye