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    Vista Andina, Adam Weintraub

    TITLE Vista Andina
    Adam Weintraub
    PRODUCT DETAILS Hardcover: 176 pages
    Language: English, Spanish
    PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 11.8" wide x 8.5" tall x 0.9" thick
    PRICE $55.00 + tax and shipping
    PUBLISHER PhotoExperience.net; May 31, 2010
    ISBN ISBN-10: 0615343805

    Vista Andina is a personal look at Cusco behind the tourist or the postcard version. It is an edgy, atmospheric and authentic illustration of the region's people and their character. This book accomplishes that in a sometimes irreverent and humorous way. Vista Andina could be translated as Andean View or Andean Perspective, the Cusqueñan community's point of view. It is a photographic journey bringing you from the Incan terraces and bountiful fields of the Sacred Valley to the thriving streets and markets of Cusco. It delves deeply into traditional festivals and popular cock fights, bringing 11 years of perspective. Vista Andina was created to complement our understanding of the region of Cuzco; to help reinforce that Cuzco is not just about Machu Picchu and the ruins around the Sacred Valley. It is an energetic and charismatic place with a proud and diverse people. While the book tells a larger story of a region, you can find unique insight and beauty in the individual images, the people they portray and the places they present.

    "Adam takes us into the magical world of the XXI century Cusco, transporting us to improbable areas which breathe authentic atmospheres full of color, light, contrasts and composition that make the whole original photo album current - indeed funny at times - photographs of everyday events which determine ultimately the essential characteristics of the most noble human being. Speaking as a Cusqueñan, the photographs illustrated in this publication produce sensations and feelings: a smile, sadness, a sense of beauty, cruelty, wonder, curiosity, sweetness, majesty - or horror and rejection - and ultimately each of these images acts as a mirror in which we look carefully at ourselves." --Teo Allain Chambi

    Adam L. Weintraub is an advocate and promoter of the Arts as a freelance photographer based in Seattle. His artwork is collected & published internationally. As Founder and Director of Photoexperience.net photo workshops in Peru, he created a large partnership network both in Peru and the USA. His Cusco family runs the B&B, Panza del Artista, he and his wife Xiomara started five years ago. His collaboration with the Martín Chambi Archives has opened doors across the United States in an effort to create an accessible archive and permanent facility for the outreach and education of his photographic work. Adam currently serves as Vice-Chair for the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle – an institution close to his heart with a long history of assisting up & coming image-makers. Also, he is a past three-term President and 8 term Director of Blue Earth Alliance.