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    Digital Tools for Film Photographers - Spring 2024

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    Daniel Gregory
    DAY / TIME Wednesday 6-9pm | March 27 - May 29, 2024
    TUITION $825 + $45 Materials Fee
    Payment & Refund Policy
    Scholarship Opportunities
    FORMAT In-person, enrollment is limited to 12 students.
    LEVEL Intermediate
    PREREQS Photography I: Black & White OR Photography I: Digital with analog film photography experience
    CREDITS 3 – Fulfills Elective requirement for Certificate Program


    This course is designed for photographers working with film who are seeking to deepen the integration of their analog and digital skills. Learn to use a variety of digital editing tools to process and refine images while retaining the unique characteristics of analog photography. Bridge the gap through focus on scanning techniques, Photoshop, and Lightroom (w/Negative Lab Pro 3.0) to enhance and refine your film captures.

    Begin by exploring the nuances of film scanning (flatbed, wet mount and DSLR methods) to ensure high quality digital film scans. We will also work on several tips and tricks for optimal scanning, maximizing detail, and color accuracy.

    Continue with a look at the powerful capabilities of Lightroom to organize, edit, process and develop film. From core organization concepts, basic adjustments, and advanced techniques, we will focus on how to leverage Lightroom's features to bring your images to life.

    Finally, dive into the basics of Photoshop and learn techniques to retouch, manipulate, and enhance your images while maintaining the integrity of analog photography.

    You do not need to have prior knowledge of Lightroom or Photoshop but it is helpful. You will need access to the current version of Lightroom, Photoshop and some other software we will use during the course or plan on doing your work in PCNW's digital lab.


    • The Materials Fee for the course covers specialty scanning materials for in-class use. Hourly rental and other supplies are the responsibility of the student.
    • Weekly attendance is vital to student success in PCNW courses. We require that students attend the first meeting in order to retain their spot in the class. A waiver may be granted if permission is given by, and subsequent arrangements made with, both the PCNW Registrar and Faculty. Please see our Education Policies for details about attendance policies and academic expectations.
    • Intermediate and advanced courses have prerequisites which students must satisfy prior to enrollment. Prerequisites may be waived based on experience or prior courses taken through other institutions. To verify that you meet the prerequisite(s) for a course, contact Jennifer Brendicke, Registrar at jbrendicke@pcnw.org.
    • Students are required to provide their own camera, unless otherwise noted in the course description. If you have questions about camera equipment or resources, contact us at pcnw@pcnw.org.
    • PCNW adheres to a strict payment, cancellation and refund policy. Please review our Payment & Refund Policies prior to registration.
    • Additional materials and supplies, not covered by a materials fee for a course, are the responsibility of the student. Detailed information about course expectations, required texts and materials will be provided at the start of the quarter.
    • Students should prepare to spend several hours per week completing assignments outside of class, which may require use of the PCNW facilities; view our Rental Rates for details about additional fees. Rental fees for use of PCNW Facilities are a separate cost from tuition.


    Image by Lilly Everett