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    The Hand-Made Photo Zine - Fall 2024

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    FACULTY Craig Mammano
    DAY / TIME Tuesday 6-9pm | October 1 - December 3, 2024
    TUITION $870 + $25 Materials Fee
    Payment & Refund Policy
    Scholarship Opportunities
    FORMAT In-person; enrollment is limited to 12 students.
    LEVEL Intermediate
    PREREQS Photography I
    CREDITS 3 – Fulfills Elective requirement for Certificate Program

    A zine is often a handmade publication, printed in a limited edition, using a copy machine, home laser, or inkjet printer. A Photo Zine is a tool that photographers can use to tell stories, express ideas, ask questions, or build portfolios and books. In this course, taught by renowned photographer and zine maker Craig Mammano, participants will work to identify the type of project they have and create project folders of their images along with any supporting source material. Using work prints, students will edit, sequence and layout their photographs. You’ll explore three different zine formats and binding techniques, progressing from individual image files and single sided printing with no folding to duplex printed, folded zines requiring page layout software. As the projects progress, participants will design covers and packaging for their zines. Throughout the course the group will consider photo zine and book presentations, with hands-on demonstrations, discussions, and practice.

    Participants will be expected to print their work and complete their zines outside of class and are encouraged to utilize the print services available at PCNW. Basic zine-making tools will be provided. During the first session we will review the requirements for preparing 32 work prints for the second meeting in order to begin exploration of layout, editing and sequencing.


    • Weekly attendance is vital to student success in PCNW courses. We require that students attend the first meeting in order to retain their spot in the class. A waiver may be granted if permission is given by, and subsequent arrangements made with, both the PCNW Registrar and Faculty. Please see our Education Policies for details about attendance policies and academic expectations.
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    • Students are required to provide their own camera, unless otherwise noted in the course description. If you have questions about camera equipment or resources, contact us at pcnw@pcnw.org.
    • The Materials Fee for the course includes a laser print allotment, the details of which will be shared on the first day. Additional printing fees will apply once a student has used their allotment (see Facilities details below for details).
    • Additional materials and supplies, not covered by a materials fee for a course, are the responsibility of the student. Detailed information about course expectations, required texts and materials will be provided at the start of the quarter.
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    Images © Craig Mammano